About Us

If you're reading this, we would just like to say thank you for visiting our baby, Home Hub.

Our names are Toufic and Stephanie, but our friends call us Tofi and Steph.

Like many of life's inventions, Home Hub was forged out of frustration with the status quo. Whether you are long-time residents of the UAE, like we are, or a new arrival, the only option you have when it comes to making your house a home is to go a large store in an even larger mall and buy what everyone else has. The opportunity to truly make your space genuinely yours doesn't seem to exist unless you bring things with you from back home, bring bits and pieces from your various travels or spend an obscene amount.

The truth is that there are tens of dozens of local furniture stores and even more artists and hobbyists who create incredible pieces of furniture and home decor. We don't see them because, unlike the larger stores, these people don't have the resources to rent spaces in malls or advertise on billboards. They are usually not in easily accessible areas and therefore they suffer from lack of business, and customers miss out on something they would love! We're gathering all those awesome Instagram shops, the far out stores, the unknown artists & hobbyists, and the growing brands and putting them all under one roof.  We want them to do well, they deserve that!

We're working hard to make this type of shopping as seamless as possible. We want to earn your trust and we want to hear your suggestions. Everyone that is a part of Home Hub has now become family. We need your support to keep growing. Enjoy the beautiful things the city you live in has to offer. Welcome to Home Hub!

Love, Tofi & Steph