Storage - An Enchanting Trend of Creativity

Storage - An Enchanting Trend of Creativity

Do you have a bland storage basket, hidden in an area where nobody can see it? Unlike other home décor platforms, Home Hub focuses on the importance of useful and attractive storage options. Enter “Kakno Arts” one of the first brands to join Home Hub! Kakno Arts brings African culture and talent into the limelight with it’s stunning hand woven storage baskets. 

African artisans laboriously, weave the grass and recycled plastic in a circular pattern. Once the hand work is done and the basket has been created it is dyed organically.  Multiple color options are created, ensuring every basket finds a home it fits in. The pieces are crafted in many shapes and sizes with the care of creating every design impeccably, together with a lid on top to secure and keep everything inside safe.

We spend so much time and effort furnishing our homes and adding the touches needed to make it a warm, functional, and comforting space. What we fall short on is having the right storage options that add to the interior and result in a visually pleasing, space saving masterpiece. Adding these stunning artisanal baskets to any room will help create and maintain that special vibe!

So how much can this basket do? You can put it in your washroom, laundry room, living room, or even your kids room. It can be useful for storing laundry, toys, towels, clothes, or accessories, and most importantly throw blankets for those Netflix and chill evenings.


Is it environment-friendly?

The environment is losing its authenticity, these beautiful African pieces are guilt-free and Eco-friendly and as authentic as you can imagine.

These products are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and fair trade. It doesn’t get better than these Kakno Arts baskets when it comes to supporting the earth and the communities that exist within it.  Home Hub lives by the motto “do well by doing good” and with these Kakno Arts baskets gaining popularity in households across the UAE, we are living up to it!


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