Kids' Rooms: More Than Just Décor

Kids' Rooms: More Than Just Décor

We all want our little ones to have lovely rooms, although we know it might not stay that way for long! It is important that any room reflects the personality of the person that is going to use it, that includes children.


What is the room for?


Determining what the room is going to be used for it extremely important in choosing what should go into it. Will they use it to play with their friends? To study? To read? How about all three? This helps to decide what pieces of furniture and décor should be in the room. Keep the functionality in mind.


The Power of the Teepee

The Teepee is often considered a lovely piece of décor, and it certainly is that. However, the teepee is so much more, it gives your child a space to be alone and to be imaginative in their games. It provides a lovely reading nook and even a self-reflection space.  Having a teepee in your child's room provides so much more than we can begin to imagine.  A definite must have when designing a little one’s space.


Keep it clean

Wanting your child to keep their room neat and tidy is one thing, providing them with the tools they need to do that is another. Enter the importance of storage bins and shelving units. Clutter causes anxiety and keeps our minds activated. For a child, clutter can be extremely disruptive although they might not understand why that is.  Choose storage pieces that are as pleasing to the eye as they are functional.


Colors for the soul

It’s no secret that colors have the power to impact our mood. Therefore, choosing the right colors for wall art, cushions, bedspreads and more is extremely important. Ideally the colors should be ones that the child likes in tones that are not too loud or jarring.  Having toned down colors around the room and then adding a pop of color with wall art is a great way to create a relaxing environment while keeping a playful childish feel to the room.

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